A new and improved FAIR-Aware

FAIR-Aware has received a fresh revamp over the past few months. Take a look and see for yourself how the new training functionality and updated guidance texts make the tool more informative and user-friendly. And don’t forget to share your experience with the tool using the newly integrated social media buttons!

See below for a short summary of the changes:

Learning tool
The development team has reorganised and updated the guidance texts offered in the tool, making them more informative and clear. This new structure allows users to learn about each FAIR practice more easily and, hopefully, apply them in their daily practices even faster.

New to the tool is a glossary, covering some of the most relevant terms related to the FAIR questions in the tool. Thanks to the glossary, even users with limited knowledge of FAIR and the related terms should be able to navigate the tool easily.

Trainer functionality
In response to user suggestions and a growing demand for practical FAIR tools in training, FAIR-Aware has been upgraded with a functionality to support trainers. Anyone interested in assessing the FAIR awareness of their course participants or colleagues can now quickly and easily download the results of their users and analyse the answers using a ready-made template. To make use of this functionality or to test it out, simply contact the FAIR-Aware development team. If you would like to learn more about this feature, see the presentation slides and recordings of the recent demo session at the Open Science Fair.

FAIR Data Forum
FAIR-Aware now has a dedicated space on the FAIR Data Forum which gives users a place to discuss questions or topics that are usually too specific for the FAIR-Aware tool.

The Forum section will be monitored by FAIRsFAIR project members to make sure all questions are answered, but other community members are also encouraged to join the conversation! It is an excellent platform to delve deeper into specific FAIR topics and to connect with other (international) community members who are trying to do the same. Let FAIR-Aware spark a conversation and drive you to gain even more FAIR knowledge and skills!

Share FAIR-Aware!

All in all, there are lots of new things to see and experience on the FAIR-Aware website! A great opportunity to (re)assess your FAIR awareness and share your feedback with the development team, as they will continue to improve the tool to become even more useful for you. Aside from sharing your feedback with the team, it is now also easier to share (your experiences with) the tool in your network. Use the social media buttons to spread the word via Mail, WhatsApp, or on Twitter or LinkedIn!

Click here to fo to the FAIR-Aware tool: https://fairaware.dans.knaw.nl/