Developing Sustainable Business Models: ACME-FAIR Issue #2

The final issue of the ACME-FAIR series is now available on Zenodo.

ACME-FAIR is a 7-part guide developed in the FAIRsFAIR project, whose main purpose is to help managers of Research Data Management and related professional services to self-assess how they are enabling researchers, and the professional staff who support them, to put the FAIR data principles into practice (for short we refer to this as ‘FAIR-enabling practice’).

This part addresses Developing Sustainable Business Models. Research performing organisations (RPOs) are expected to provide a service offering professional support for researchers to produce and use FAIR outputs. Establishing and maintaining a service will most probably involve team effort involving Research Office, Library and IT services for example. Regardless of the maturity of the service, the team will need to consider (or review) how it addresses such questions as ‘who are our customers or beneficiaries? What is the value offered to them? This guide aims to offer a basis for productive discussion among the people involved in addressing such questions.

Angus Whyte, Laura Molloy, Marjan Grootveld, René van Horik, Mari Elisa Kuusneimi, & Mark Thorley. (2022). Developing Sustainable Business Models: ACME-FAIR Issue #2 (1.0). Zenodo. Developing Sustainable Business Models: ACME-FAIR Issue #2 | Zenodo