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What information is available on how to implement FAIR-enabling practices in different disciplines? Most of the information on the Forum is to do with skills for FAIR and domain-agnostic practices, but I am interested in any case studies, guides, papers, etc. to do with how researchers and RDM support/data stewards have implemented FAIR practices in their specific areas of expertise. Could anyone point me in the direction of anything relevant please?

There are a number of different initiatives in different disciplines that are looking at how to implement FAIR-enabling practices. A few examples are below (this isn’t a comprehensive list), is there a particular discipline that you are interested in?

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Envri-FAIR Home ENVRI-FAIR – ENVRI Community is working on FAIR for the environmental research community

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PaNoSC The Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud (PaNOSC) - Panosc is a project for making FAIR data a reality for the photon and neutron science community - they have for example just published guidelines on implementing a research data policy Guidelines for implementing a Research Data Policy released - Panosc

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FAIR4Health FAIR4Health are working in the health domain and may have may some relevant resources.

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The Pistoia Alliance FAIR Toolkit fot he Life Science Industry FAIR Toolkit – The FAIR Toolkit by Pistoia Alliance – A FAIR Toolkit for Life Science Industry has use cases relating to FAIR

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Thanks @ryan.oconnor for posting this question and thanks to @elizabeth.newbold for the answers.

I’m interested in FAIR-enabling practices for Linguistics. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hi Elizabeth - thanks for those suggestions. I’m not interested in any particular discipline, I just wanted to get a sense of how FAIR is being approached in different domains. This is really useful!

Hi - might not be exactly what you need but the the resources from CLARIN may be a starting point FAIR | CLARIN ERIC

Thank you @ryan.oconnor for the question. I am really interested in FAIR-enabling practices in Life Sciences, particularly for sensitive data (health data). I wonder how to get in touch with data stewards with experience in publishing health data in data repositories. That would be incredibly useful!

Hi Rita - I don’t know which country you are in but have you looked at the information provided by ELIXIR and data stewardship Towards Data Stewardship in ELIXIR: Training & Portal | ELIXIR (elixir-europe.org) - there may be some useful contact points for you. Elizabeth