FAIR principles in data life-cycles for Humanities - EOSC Pillar Use Case

This task aims to identify and develop use cases based on Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) communities’ engagement. This case will be a model for linking with other data repositories used in SSH communities. Finally, the idea is to liaise with CO-OPERAS GO-FAIR Implementation Network to ensure that SSH needs are correctly taken in account in order to facilitate the integration of SSH in EOSC. You can read the full use case here: FAIR principles in data life-cycles for Humanities | EOSC-Pillar

EOSC-Pillar Work Package 6 has put together a number of use cases to analyse different tools and services for the “FAIRisation” of data and services and type of governance according to the community needs. To find out more about the EOSC-Pillar Use Cases, please see: Use-cases and Community-driven pilots | EOSC-Pillar