Feedback regarding the FAIRness of a published dataset

Hi everyone!
I want to help researchers to become aware of the importance of good DM and of the FAIR principles. I also want to help them share their data. For that, I need to know how to do it, so I published the first dataverse and dataset of the Medical School of University of Minho (Portugal) at the Data Repositorium of the University of Minho (, but I did it using the online materials I could access, with no support of any data steward.

I would like to receive feedback on the FAIRness of the data.
Here is the link:

Please feel free to share all your thoughts!

Hi Rita

If you haven’t already seen it the the FAIR-Aware tool might be useful for you to look at. You can find out about it here on the Forum or by looking at the tool directly by visiting: