How to get started?

Hello and welcome to the FAIRdata forum. We have put together some useful guidance and resources that we hope will help you to get familiar with and comfortable using the FAIRdata forum.

Code of conduct
If you have not already done so already, please can you read and familiarise yourself with the FAIRdata forum Code of Conduct and Terms of service. All participants in the FAIRdata Forum will be expected to comply with the code of conduct in all of their interactions, within the forum, both public and private.

The FAIRdata forum is run using the Discourse platform. If you are new to either the FAIRdata forum or Discourse, you may want to read the Discourse New User Guide to help familiarise yourself with the platform.

New to FAIR and what to know more? check out you may want to look at What is FAIR? Which contains background information aimed at those who are new to FAIR.

Tips & Tricks

  • Check for existing questions, discussions, topics before posting
  • Choose the category that most closely relates to your topic. If you are unsure where to post your topic select the general category. Note, site moderators may move your topic to a more appropriate category if required.
  • Make that title as useful and descriptive as possible! A great title is usually the difference between something people click on and something people scroll past.
  • Provide as much information and context as possible about the topic or question you want to discuss.

For more tips & tricks, you may want to look at the Discourse New User Tips and Tricks guide.

We’re always considering ways to improve and adapt the forum to best meet the needs of our users. If you have any questions about how to use the FAIRdata forum or wish to suggest improvements, you’re welcome to share them in the Site Feedback category.

Once again, welcome to the FAIRdata forum. We hope you find this platform a beneficial source of information and discussion on all things FAIR related.