Share your opinion – What are the main barriers to making data FAIR? Poll question

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We would like to know what you feel are the main barriers to making data FAIR? Please read the poll question below and select the 3 options you feel are most applicable. If you would like to provide additional information or expand on your answer, please do so by replying to the topic.

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What are the main barriers to making data FAIR? (Select 3 options)

  • a) Lack of understanding of what FAIR data is
  • b) Lack of suitable standards for making facilities data FAIR
  • c) Lack of data management infrastructure
  • d) Lack of tools to support the addition of good metadata
  • e) The additional effort and cost involved
  • f) Concern that others will pre-empt research results
  • g) Lack of recognition for sharing data
  • h) Concern about the quality of data
  • i) Sensitive or legally restricted data

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