Two links in the research data life cycle: collaboration between a university and long-term repository

This story describes a collaboration between a university and a national data repository. More specifically, it involves the Research Information Services (RIS) at Radboud University (RU) and the long-term data repository at DANS (hence: the Repository), both in The Netherlands. A substantial part of the digital research data produced at RU are deposited at the Repository, which publishes and preserves them. Originally, the Repository was developed and implemented to provide individual researchers in the Netherlands with a trustworthy digital repository. It was designed for self-archiving, putting the data producer – the researcher – in charge of depositing the files and entering the metadata. In recent years, DANS witnessed a gradual shift towards institutional deposits. The RU has a home-built Current Research Information System (CRIS) called METIS, which is also used as a portal for archiving datasets in the Repository. RIS staff take care that their researchers prepare the data well for deposit and curate each dataset. Using the SWORD protocol the data is forwarded to the Repository, where a Repository data manager inspects and publishes the data. The Repository preserves them in the long run.

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